Jiangsu FREY New Energy CO., LTD

About Us
Jiangsu FREY New Energy CO., LTD is a high-tech company specializing in research and development,Website:http://www.freybatteries.com, production and sell of ?lithium iron phosphate, the cathode materials of li-ion battery, li-ion battery and power management in integration system. We possess more than 10,000 square meters production base which is able to produce 10 million Ah energy storage and power-based lithium iron phosphate batteries per year, located in national high-tech industrial development zone, Xuzhou, Jiangsu with 120 employees, 26 R&D staffs. FREY New Energy CO., LTD has IPR of advanced nano-iron phosphate cathode materials of lithium batteries at lead position. This technology is easy to operate with high yield and environmental protection, and its technical parameters have already reached international advanced level.?
Products and services
Scenery storage power?backup power?Electric vehicle batteries? Civilian energy storage power