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Date: 1st July 2016
Mine Uninterruptible Power Supply
Mine uninterruptible power supply A description Mine explosion-proof lithium-ion battery power supply (hereinafter referred to as the power supply) with the group of advanced lithium battery technologies,Website:http://www.freybatteries.com, charging and discharging management technology integration, equalization and explosion-proof technology, communication bus technology. The products to be produced by our company and the electrical control box with the use of the electrical control box for charging display and centralized management, hedging facilities variety of electrical equipment to provide a stable and reliable back-up power supply may be. II. Technical characteristics Main Specifications Basic technical parameters Power Single battery Rated voltage: 3.2V. Single battery rated capacity: 60Ah. The cells allowed maximum charge voltage: 3.65V. Single battery allows a minimum discharge cut-off voltage: 2.8V. The maximum allowable single battery charge current: 60A. The maximum allowable single battery discharge current: 60A. Number of single battery: 16. Single cell maximum allowable operating temperature: 60 ?. Rated battery capacity: 60Ah. Lowest capacity battery pack allows the use of alarm: 42Ah. Power battery rated power: 3072Wh. Power supply rated output voltage: 51.2V. Power supply rated output current: 10A. Power output overcurrent protection current: 14A. Power supply output voltage range: DC 44.8V ~ 57.6V. Power Maximum input current: 7A. Charging the battery pack over-current protection value: ? 10A. 3, the power CAN communication port Number of ports: 1 Communication: CAN Transmission signal Working peak voltage: 1V ~ 5V. Maximum transmission distance: 500m (using MHYV1 * 2 * 7 / 0.52 type cable or MHYVR1 * 2 * 48 / 0.2 cable type) 4, the main function Management function Protective function?Detection Online capacity expansion feature Communication