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Date: 1st July 2016
Solar Photovoltaic Energy Storage Battery Power
description ? Solar photovoltaic energy storage system is the use of photovoltaic effect made of the principle,Website:http://www.freybatteries.com, it is the direct conversion of solar radiation energy into electrical power generation systems. It mainly consists of solar cell matrix, controller, battery energy storage device and the inverter of four parts. During the day there is sunshine, the solar electric cell matrix issued through the controller delivered to the energy storage device, or a solar power issued through the inverter directly to the AC load. Technical Features 1, with a strict set of batteries Each of batteries strictly with the group, based on the optimal combination of parameters of batteries to ensure power reliability and longevity. 2, the management functions Balanced charge control function Discharge management function Large-size LCD display and alarm It displays the voltage, current, capacitance, temperature, operation status, fault information, etc. Externally control power input and output 3, the protection function Over-temperature protection Overcharge voltage protection Over-discharge voltage protection Charging over-current protection Output overcurrent protection Output short circuit protection 4, detection Overcharge voltage protection failure detection and display; Over-discharge voltage protection failure detection and display; Whether the battery information collection Line Break self-test and display; 5, multi-machine cascade function Multiple power supplies in parallel or serial operation, between the power source through the communication protocol control, coordinated operation. 6, the communication function Equipment standard communication interface, and can communicate with the control center, remote monitoring and control. Technical Parameters Input voltage 220VAC, frequency 50HZ Input current<20A Battery material, lithium iron phosphate Number of batteries 16 The total battery energy 4.8KWh (48V100AH), 11.5KWh (48V240AH) Number of outputs 1-channel DC Output voltage 48V Output voltage accuracy ? 0.5V Output current of 100A (48V100AH), 150A (48V240AH) Charging current 50A Charging time See specifications Work can be charged and discharged at the same time or separately, the software can be set up The communication interface CAN communication interface Operating temperature 0 ? -40 ? Operating Humidity ?95% RH Dimensions See specifications